Streamer Mode - FAQ & Summary

What is Streamer Mode? is committed to innovating and expanding the game of poker worldwide. One way to do this is to make it easier for players who wish to share their play with online communities whilst keeping the integrity of the game for those players. So we have created 'Streamer Mode'. This lets players stream their play in real-time while keeping their hole cards and other sensitive information private.

How do I turn on Streamer Mode?

On the client, please go ahead and select Settings > Streamer Mode.

Is there a setting to have streamer mode 'Always On'?

No, you must activate streamer mode at the beginning of each session. However, any new tables you open will be in 'Streamer Mode' automatically unless you deactivate it 

What features does Streamer Mode offer?

When Streamer Mode is activated, players will be able to choose the following features to hide sensitive information- Hide My Balance - Hide My Hole Cards

Can Streamer Mode be activated on individual tables?

Yes, Streamer mode can be switched on or off for each table individually. As you may wish to play some tables in normal mode whilst streaming

How does Hide My Balance work in Streamer Mode?

Hide My Balance removes all mentions of a player's balance from the game client. This will apply anywhere a balance is displayed. Players can show their balance in Streamer Mode using a toggle switch in the Streamer Mode dashboard.

Due to the introduction of this feature the 'Hide My Balance' option in 'My Wallet' will be removed and combined with Streamer Mode

How does Hide My Hole Cards work in Streamer Mode?

When Streamer mode is activated, two features will take effect

1. In the table display, the streamer's hole cards will be obscured

2. A second frame will be created outside the one showing the table. This is where the streamer's hole cards will be visible.

Please ensure your software is set to display the correct frame/window with hole cards obscured when you are streaming.

How can I become a official streamer?

We are always looking for new talent and people with existing communities who love and want to work with us to grow the game of Poker worldwide. If you think you fit the bill, drop an email to [email protected] along with your showreel/portfolio and details of your online communities and if we are interested in speaking with you, one of our partners team will be in touch.

IMPORTANT: We are aware of some individuals who are pose as GGPoker staff on platforms such as Twitch. Should you be contacted by someone claiming to be GGPoker staff, please do not reveal any personal information, such as your email address or password. GGPoker staff would never ask for these as we already know them. Also, they may ask you to generate a code. Again, we would never ask for this information as GGPoker staff would already know all your contact details.

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