C$ - Cash Game Dollars FAQ

What are C$ (Cash Game Dollars)

Similar to T$ (Tournament dollars) players can choose which currency to use first for buying into a cash game. The choice is between Cash balance or C$

What is 1 C$ equal to?

1 C$ = 1 CAD

Can I use C$ and cash balance to make up a buy-in at the cash tables?

Yes! Any insufficient amount may be filled up with the other currency.

Example: A player chooses to use C$ first for $200 buy-in but only has C$100, then $100 cash balance will be used together to make the full $200 buy-in.

Which currency will be used first?

If a player has a C$ balance this will be used first, similar to how T$ work.

Note: Default Cash Dollar buy-in' is activated only when a player sets the' Auto Buy-in' function 'On', so the Buy-in window does not pop up. If a Buy-in window pops up, a player will need to check 'Cash Dollar' to make the buy-in with cash dollar preferentially.

I’m combining C$ and cash balance how does it work?

C$ will be used first, then cash balance.

Is there anything else I need to know about C$?

Bets made using C$ will be returned in C$ when returned to the same player.

Do C$ expire?

No, like T$, C$ will not expire.

Can I use C$ to buy into a tournament?

No, C$ can only be used in cash games or AoF.

Can I withdraw my C$ balance?

No, C$ is an internal currency, it holds no value outside of the GGPoker application and cannot be withdrawn. The same applies to T$.

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