My app is not loading correctly - app troubleshooting

A. Performing a clean installation

Performing a clean installation ensures fragments of old app versions aren't preventing your updates:

  1. Uninstall the game in the Control Panel
  2. Open Window Run (Win + R)
  3. Type %appdata%\[GGPOKERCA]
  4. Delete GGPOKERCA] folder
  5. Download a new installer and proceed installing's app's app can be downloaded from the website across a range of devices, or direct links can be provided upon request from [email protected]

If specific text prompts are shown upon login, please search their error numbers or specific text displays on to see if a fix is included for your issue.

B. Disabling your antivirus to resolve installation issues

Failing a full clean installation fix, disabling your antivirus or attempting your installation using an alternate ISP or access device may help to circumvent the issue.

C. Manually copying app links to resolve installation issues

If, when you select a direct app installer link supplied via email, that link does not load or immediately commence downloading's app, attempt to manually copy and paste the link directly into your preferred browser, which in certain instances (typically IOS players) yields an alternate, more auspicious result.

D. Clearing Cache to resolve installation issues

Where a clean installation was performed and did not yield the desired result, clearing cache across all browsers may circumvent your installation impediment and grant a successful installation.

Certain IOS OS currently do not conflate with's IOS application, namely IOS 6 devices. If utilizing this device and adversely affected, please contact [email protected] for installation assistance.

After exhausting the quick-fixes outlined here, take care to include detailed descriptions, screengrabs or helpful clips illustrating your query when contacting [email protected]

E. Password Error solutions

For password and login errors once an app is installed successfully, please see the following entry:

1.  Login problems/password or player detail error

F. Other app installation prompts and errors (search the following keywords via

1. Error Code 2503

2. Application descriptor could not be found

3. Game icon does not respond

4. How to solve ERROR_LOGIN_FAILED

G. Connection issues (various)

Connection issues can stem from various places. Outside ensuring your own ISP, connection strength and device hit the minimum app requirements, detail your concern via [email protected] alongside the results of a network status test (denoted by three signal bars in the app footer).

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